Beach snake

Beach snake

author: Jan de Graaf

“Front yard’ Imrama, September 19, 2016. The water as you see injected is sea water. The snake slithers over the dunes, across the beach into the sea. Pumping water out of the sea looks like the endless job done by the little water man in St Brandan’s story.

A definition of weeds is: the right plant in the wrong place. The lack of an illustration of the (here) harmful plant stimulates a personal quest perfectly.

respons Jeroen van Westen: Could it be the beach snake is related to the sea snake?
Taxonomic classification
Animalia (Animals)
Chordata (Chorda animals)
Reptilia (Reptiles)
Squamata (Scaled reptiles)
Sub order:
Serpentes (Snakes)
Elapidae (Coral snake like snakes)

Sub family
Smith, 1926

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